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WOTA: Wolves of the Atlantic (Series)

WOTA: Wolves of the Atlantic mobile submarine simulation game - development screenshot taken octber 2014 newsletter for WOTA Wolves of the Atlantic

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A World War II submarine simulation for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (currently in development). In production since february 2009 - WOTA will be finally released in 2018. Desktop versions will be released after the mobile version.
The first release will be "WOTA: Wolves of the Atlantic - U 96", this mobile subsim offers a faster game play without reducing realism - followed by "WOTA: Seehund Type XXVIIB", a sub sim about midget Uboats and the finally the full version "WOTA: Wolves of the Atlantic".

You want to see how the game would run on your device? You can already take a look at parts of WOTA (underwater scene of a submerged UBoat and parts of the 3D U-Boat interior) in the new app
WOTA: U-Boat Compass, head over to the App Store to download it, select "information" inside the app and press on the "animated compass tour".

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• A full scale and realistic U-Boat simulation for iOS (later Mac, PC, Linux).

• Career oriented game play (1939-1945).

• Huge game world spanning the entire Atlantic Ocean, North and Mediterranean Seas.

• Dynamic campaigns. You won't be limited to fighting battles in tiny preprogrammed missions.

• Full realism.

• Physical accurate simulation of ballast tanks, engines and hydrodynamic behavior.

• Crew management.

• Historically accurate AI and ASDIC behavior based on original research.

• Wolfpacks! You and the AI U-Boats hunt together in the Battle of the Atlantic.

• Use all important german WWII U-Boat classes and even some experimental boats.

• All types of naval WWII Weapons.

• Physical accurate Flight Simulation, aircraft AI controls aircrafts with a virtual joystick.

Focke-Achgelis Fa 330 „Bachstelze" observation helicopter.

• Enemy submarines, german fleet, italian and japanese submarines and vessels.

• Milchkuh supply U-Boats.

• Full walk-through Uboat interiors.

• Game Center support.

• Full Apple TV, iPad and Retina display support.

• Mac OS X, Windows and Linux of the Uboat Simulation planned after iOS release.

WOTA: U-Boat Compass
Available on the App Store

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pacific fleet and atlantic fleet for iOS and android