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WOTA: Wolves of the Atlantic - U 96

WOTA U 96 mobiles ubmarine uboat simulation game wolves of the atlantic for iOS

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Finally, the first title of the mobile submarine simulation game series will be released in 2018: "WOTA: Wolves of the Atlantic - U 96" (was "Arcade Missions")

What's the difference to the later subsims of the WOTA series and what does (the former title)
Arcade Missions mean?
Arcade Missions because of the new and different way how a campaign and patrol works: a quick way to go directly from one battle to the next by playing a patrol in stages. Without reducing realism this offers a faster gameplay and a better mobile gaming experience. Also less experienced players won't get lost on the map while searching for action, because in this faster style of gameplay works without the need to navigate on a long range map. Of course the later games of the WOTA Submarine Simulation Series will offer a more complex simulation and they will come with land and with a long range map.

Quick explaination of this new mobile style of game play and how it will work in the upcoming subsim:

- Directly after you started a new campaign or a new patrol your boat will virtually travel towards its ordered destination (with extreme time compression turned on) and within seconds you will enter a new stage of the patrol which can be a combat situation or a situation where you must make an important decision. Usually before this style of gameplay it would have been necessary to do a time consuming navigation of your U-Boat to the ordered position or to a location where you hope to find an enemy. Basically when your are between playable stages on a Patrol your U-Boot follows the orders of the BdU, it will change its position kind of automatically, and while you are virtually travelling to a new position you might get reports about possibly interceptable targets within range or you suddenly will be under attack or your crew spots a ship. Of course you still have the freedom (unless you've got an direct order) to decide if you want to intercept a target within range, if you want to attack a spotted ship or if you want to try to continue traveling to your main target position.

- A playable stage can be anything like meeting a single merchant, an aircraft, a hunter killer group or a large convoy. Any of those stages might start at different weather conditions, time of day and depth of sea… Of course the state of the weather will change over time and more enemy ships or aircrafts might appear at the scene.

- At the beginning of a stage you might find your submarine in an uncomfortable situation, this could for example require to crash dive or to give other emergency orders. Or you might be lucky and you find yourself just at the right place to get some easy kills or you will be in a situation where it is necessary to shadow a convoy until you reach a good position for your attack etc.

- You can't end a stage of the patrol while your boat is in danger or while the enemy is near. Once you are out of any danger you can leave the stage. At the end of such a stage you have two options: return to base, which means end this combat patrol (but not the campaign) to refresh supplies and repair the Uboat, or you can continue the patrol. If you proceed a war patrol the resulting score of the last stage will be multiplied with a "factor of bravery". Keep in mind that you need enough diesel to return to port and that you might get under attack on your journey home. There are only two exception how to end a stage while being in danger:
"Hissing the white flag". When you know there is no chance to save your U-Boat anymore then your highest priority should be to save your crew by surfacing and by giving order all hands to leave the boat, this process takes some time and success depends on the current situation. While leaving the U-Boat your crew automatically scuttles the submarine. Depending on the number or survivors and the success of scutteling, your final score of the patrol will be multiplied with a "factor of humanity" and a "factor of dutifulness".
If your sub is critically damaged our out of fuel which means you can't return to port anymore then you can send a message to the BdU. The current stage (but not the patrol) ends in this case. While you are waiting (time compression) for friendly vessels to pick you up you could still be attacked by the enemy.

- At anytime you can stop playing and the game will be saved in its current state. At the same time your current score will be transmitted to Game Center. This saved game state can be used only once to continue playing, if you get killed the campaign will be over. There is no way to load your saved game state anymore! Just like in real life the most important goal is to survive. You really only have one life per campaign, once you got killed you will start with a score of zero again! The game runs endless, there is no limit. Stay alive as long as possible and sink as many ships as you can then you might become a high scoring U-Boat Ace on Game Center. The high score on Game Center will show the highest score and the most successful campaign for each player only. You must set your own new record to be able to submit another score to Game Center.

Features of "WOTA: U 96"

• A Type VIIC U-Boat simulation.

• Full realism. Physical accurate simulation of ballast tanks, engines and hydrodynamic behavior.

• A new campaign style with fast access to combat situations (no long range map navigation, no land).

• Tactical map (short range)
• Historically accurate AI and ASDIC behavior based on original research.

• U-Boat interior (Command Room).

• Standard Torpedoes.

• Standard weapons (2 cm Flak 30, MG-34, 8.8 cm Sk C/35 naval gun).

• A basic set up of enemy ships which will be extended by updates.

• Physical accurate Flight Simulation, the aircraft AI controls the aircrafts with a virtual joystick.

• Game Center support.

Release Date (iOS): 2018.

Any questions? Read the WOTA FAQ.

You want to see how the game would run on your device? You can already take a look at parts of WOTA (underwater scene of a submerged UBoat and parts of the 3D U-Boat interior), the screenshot below is taken from the new app WOTA: U-Boat Compass head over to the App Store to download it, select "information" inside the app and press on the "animated compass tour".

Type VII submerged U 96 WOTA wolves of the atlantic mobile subsim game

Development videos (work in progress):

Development video: Underwater scene in WOTA: Wolves of the Atlantic - U 96, Type VII C submerged with godrays and caustics WIP (mobile graphics, iOS)

Development video: Graphical capabilities of WOTA: Wolves of the Atlantic - U 96, the video shows the global illumination and new shaders in action on an iPad air. (mobile graphics, iOS)

Development video: Heavy seas in WOTA: Wolves of the Atlantic - U 96, Type VII C riding the waves, buoyancy system used in this video is already outdated (mobile graphics, iOS)

Development video: WOTA: Wolves of the Atlantic - U 96, Example of FX in WOTA, explosion of a depth charge. (mobile graphics, iOS)

Development video: WOTA: Wolves of the Atlantic - U 96, U-Boat interior, command room WIP (mobile graphics, iOS)

Development video: WOTA: Wolves of the Atlantic - U 96, iPhone 4S graphics, the video is a bit outdated and uses older shaders. (mobile graphics, iOS)

Development video: WOTA: Wolves of the Atlantic - U 96, AI example, enemy aircrafts AI and MG 34 AI on conning tower - please note, the graphics shown in the video are completely different (worse) to the real game graphics, the environment, water and the aircrafts are just test objects.

Development video: WOTA: Wolves of the Atlantic - U 96, riding heavy seas as watched from the conning tower (possibly what the later
game menu will show in the background) - outdated U-Boat model and shaders. (mobile graphics, iOS)

more (and possibly newer) video on the WOTA youtube channel

development SCREENSHOTS

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