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Naval Cutter – 14-Carronade Cutter

High quality 3D model of a 14-carronade cutter which were in use in the French Navy during the 1830s. This 3D
model is based on a scale model of those cutters which can be seen in the Musée national de la Marine in Paris.

This model is suited for desktop usage only! (not tested on mobile!) It comes with many separated and rotatable parts, all of them parented and ready for rotation. A prefab with a helper script is included to hoist and lower sails, set wind speed, set wind direction, open and close gun ports, rotate carronades, rotate rudder, yard and boom.

You will find more information on the Unity Asset Store: http://u3d.as/FFp*


Airship LZ 18 – Imperial German Navy L 2

Detailed 3D model of a historic rigid airship of the World War One Era. LZ 18 (Navy designation “Marineluftkreuzer L 2“) was an airship of the Imperial German Navy built in 1913. LZ 18 got lost with all hands in a disaster when it crashed after it caught fire over Berlin-Johannisthal Airfield .

The airship consists of two materials and several meshes: the main hull/parts, windows and the rotatable parts like the elevators and rudders. The model can be batched to use only 2 pass calls (when shadows are off). The pivots of the rotatable objects are set and you could quickly rotate them by scripting.

You will find more information on the Unity Asset Store: http://u3d.as/oPi*


UFO - Flying Saucer

3D Model of a classic UFO flying disk. Probably from outer space, the evil moon nazis, or just from your favorite next door super secret military research facility for alien technology.

It could also be a future stealth bomber or just the tiny die-cast toy scale model of a child – Who knows? What's safe to say is that it is an unidentified flying object.

You will find more information on the Unity Asset Store: http://u3d.as/oM3*


Attack Helicopter of the Vietnam War Era

3D model of an Attack Helicopter in different variations of which each comes in 3 different qualities for desktop & mobile usage.

Different prepared colors schemes: Standard/Vietnam (4 slightly different camos), desert, arctic high visibility scheme, NASA and Marines grey color scheme (in V1.1).

You will find more information on the Unity Asset Store: http://u3d.as/oyP*


Stealth Bomber

Super low-poly 3D model of a typical Stealth Bomber.

This is a low poly model which consists of a single mesh – it does not offer gears or any other moveable parts to ensure lowest draw calls and best performance.

You will find more information on the Unity Asset Store: http://u3d.as/oE1*


H70 air-to-ground rocket

3D model of a typical 2.75-inch fin-stabilized air-to-ground rocket similar to those used by the US and allied forces.
The rocket comes in 3 simple variants to fit for your needs at lowest necessary draw calls:
– with retracted fins (1 mesh)
– with extracted fins (1 mesh)
– with rotatable fins (4 meshes).

You will find more information on the Unity Asset Store: http://u3d.as/ozW*


Triangle Set Square Ruler (protractor)

Highly detailed low poly 3D model of a typical european geometry set square drawing drafting triangle.
It combines a ruler, set square and protractor in one instrument.

You will find more information on the Unity Asset Store: http://u3d.as/oCF*



Other Unity Assets:


Physical accurate flight dynamics model (FDM) for
Unity based on the Blade Element Theory. (under development).

See it flying in a primitive flight simulation demo:
youtube video


UniFDM Flight Simulation

Stereoscopic 3D (for DLP Link 120hz active Shutter Glasses)

A simple setup for creating Stereoscopic 3D content for DLP Projectors.. (experimental)
Includes control over 3D separation, convergence and FOV.
Source code and demo project on
Unity Forums


Stereoscopic 3D for DLP LInk Projectors

OpenStreetMap for Unity

A really simple solution to integrate
OpenStreepMap into your Unity iOS Projects.
You'll find it on the
Unify Wiki


OpenStreetMap for Smartphones iOS Screenshot

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